Vintage 70s Embroidered Jeans

The Chasseresse

These Jeans are a perfect example of why Vintage is so special. These are straight out of the 70s, think Woodstock! They are embroidered all over and with a slight bell bottom. One of our more beloved finds.


There is some slight discoloration on one of the bells on the bottom the pant. It is hard to see unless up close and we believe it does not compromise this piece. The flaw is reflected in the price. 


Size 25/26. Pictured on Kate who is 5’7 and wears sizes XS +0 + 24 in pants. 

waist-14' (35cm)

inseam- 29' (73cm)

hips- 16'5' (42cm)

rise- 11' (28cm)

total length- 38'5' (100cm)


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