A Note from the Owner

I started Chasseresse (pronounced chass-RESS, which means “huntress" in French) because I could not stop collecting vintage clothing. Call it a knack, a calling, or maybe an addiction, but I just love beautiful, unique clothing. I get such a thrill over fine fabrics, exquisite prints, and impeccable fit.

After years of visiting tiny vintage shops, combing flea market racks and spending countless hours browsing online vintage I realized I had a problem: a lot of incredible pieces and NO way I'd ever wear them all. So I decided to put my hunting skills to good use and share my finds with people who appreciate the extraordinary, stylish and sustainable aspects of vintage clothing but might not have the time, patience or resources to find the diamond in the rough themselves.

At Chasseresse, you'll find special one-of-a-kind pieces you'll never see on anyone else. Here's your chance to look chic AF, save the planet and support a small, female-owned business all at the same time.

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